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UPDATED: March 20, 2024

By signing the registration agreement, you understand that you and any additional guest(s), are considered “transient occupant(s)” of this hotel, in accordance with Florida Statute 82.035. You are renting this room for the dates stated in your reservation, and no refunds are provided for early check-outs regardless of reason. The actual damages suffered by Stayable (the “Company” or “Stayable”) are difficult to ascertain and the fee for the forfeited nights are a reasonable estimate of the damages the Company incurs.

By executing the registration card or entering the room, you agree to the terms and conditions contained herein and authorize the Company to charge your credit card with the amount outstanding on your account when you check-out. You further consent to this charge being made without signing the final invoice.

In order to provide safe, clean, and affordable accommodations for all our guests, you agree to the following rules and regulations related to your reservation (“Rules”). Violations of these Rules may constitute a reason for immediate removal of you and any guests in your room – registered or unregistered – without a refund.


  1. Stayable offers limited services to guests to be able to offer lower prices. Such services that may not be present include in-room phone, security, or overnight personnel. Guests assume all risks and agree to hold harmless and release the hotel owner and affiliates, management, officers, directors, and employees from any loss or liability related to any absence of such services.
  2. Housekeeping.There is no stayover service or weekly cleaning service. Linen exchange or one-off housekeeping services are available for a fee. Contact the front desk for more information.

  3. Property Condition and Sanitation. You agree to:
    1. a. Keep the room clean and sanitary at all times,

      b. Remove all garbage from the room regularly and in a clean and sanitary manner ensuring garbage bags are sealed and segregated,

      c. Maintain a non-offensive public appearance, which includes wearing proper attire, maintaining an appropriate noise level, no use of obscenities, etc., and

      d. Use and operate all electrical, plumbing, sanity, heating, ventilation, air condition and other facilities of the room and property consistent with their intended use. DO NOT put anything on top of your AC unit. No sitting nor storing of materials, as this will cause them to tilt and leak. DO NOT tamper with or take down your smoke detector for any reason. An alarm may go off should this happen.

  4. Check-out time. Your reservation is valid only for the time that is fully paid on your folio. You agree to vacate the room by 11:00am on your scheduled date of departure.
    1. a. On your day of renewal, payment is expected by 11:00am. If payment is not received, your room will be forfeited. Late payments for those staying another night will be subject to a $25 late fee plus the room charge for the additional night when available. Extensions are based on availability. 

      b. Upon check out, your room will be inspected. Stained linen/s, smoking in a non-smoking room, pets in non-pet rooms, room damage and/or illegal activities are causes for forfeiture of your depositthus, possible placement on the do not rent (DNR) list.

      c. Maximum stay is set to 14 nights.

  5. Registration. All guests are required to be registered with a valid photo ID which shall remain on file at the front desk.
  6. Deposit. Each room is required to have a deposit on file in compliance with the Deposit Terms and Conditions.
  7. Deposit Return. At the end of your stay, the remaining deposit will be refunded to the credit or debit card on file. Your deposit will be returned unless:
    1. You or your guests smoke in a non-smoking room
    2. You damage any Company property
    3. You do not vacate by the check-out time of 11:00am
    4. You have an unpaid balance at check-out time
    5. You leave trash or pet waste on the property grounds
    6. You are removed by police for any reason
  8. Smoking. Unless specified otherwise, all Stayable accommodations are non-smoking . Smoking areas are outside on the first floor only, except for areas marked as non-smoking. No smoking or throwing cigarettes from the second floor areas.
  9. Fees. You may be subject to various fees associated with services rendered or as penalties for violating these and other terms and conditions of your reservation. All fees are subject to change without notice. Below is a selected schedule of fees as of the date referenced above.
    1. Lost Key Fee: $2.50 per key. Penalty for lost keys that need to be replaced
    2. Housekeeping Service:  $25 - Full room cleaning by our housekeeping staff – must be requested with 24 hours’ notice.
    3. Linen Exchange: $10 - Exchange soiled linens for a clean set at the front desk (damaged linens and towels will be subject to the Discarded Linen & Towel Fee)
    4. Early Arrival:  $25 - Additional fee to receive the room before the scheduled arrival time (11am)
    5. Late Departure:  $25 - Additional fee for leaving the room after the required departure time (11am)
    6. Late Payment / Lock-Out Fee:  $25 - Penalty for late payments/lockouts.
    7. Discarded Linen & Towel Fee:  $25 - Penalty for linens that must be discarded because of unrecoverable damage 
    8. Smoking Fee:  $250 - Penalty for smoking in a non-smoking room, including tobacco, vaping, and marijuana.
    9. Noise Violation Fee:  $100 - Penalty for excessive noise complaints during designated quiet hours after initial warning.
    10. Waste Nuisance Fee:  $25 - Penalty for leaving garbage, pet waste, and other waste around the unit, outside of dumpsters, and on grounds.
  10. Occupancy limitations. Unit occupancy is limited by the number of beds. These guidelines ensure a comfortable stay for all guests and comply with state and local health codes.

    - Two beds: Maximum occupancy allowed is set at four guests per unit.

    - One bed: Maximum occupancy allowed is set at two guests per unit. 

  11. Unit Access. You agree to provide property management and/or maintenance entry to your room at a reasonable time and for all reasonable purposes, including preventative maintenance. Management and/or maintenance will provide reasonable notice of entry to the room, except in case of emergency or suspicion of illegal activity. A routine inspection will occur even if you and/or your guests do not want to be disturbed.
  12. Children. Children under 18 should be supervised at all times. All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in a room and all public spaces. Running in the corridors or anything to disturb guests is strictly prohibited. Children should not be loitering in the lobby area, corridors or along walkways.  

  13. Pool. The pool is open from 10:00am to 7:00pm weather permitting. All children should be supervised at all times. Parents should be present in the pool area. Supervision from a distance, e.g., from a balcony or outside the fence, is not permitted. ONLY REGISTERED GUESTS ARE ALLOWED IN THE POOL AREA.
  14. Public Spaces. Public Spaces. Walkways are to remain free and clear of all trash bags, chairs, linen, ashtrays, and any miscellaneous items. Folding chairs are permitted outside on walkways ONLY when you are using them.. Chairs from inside the room are not to be used outdoors. No barbecues or grills are permitted anywhere on the property, except as provided by the Company. 
  15. Parking and Driveways. The speed limit on Stayable property is 5 mph as we have guests, children and animals frequently walking in the parking lot areas. A valid parking permit must be displayed in your vehicle window at all times. Non-permitted vehicles and vehicles with expired registration will be towed at your expense.
  16. Appliances. All rooms are equipped with a microwave oven and refrigerator. No other appliances are permitted to be used in the unit, including crock pots, hot plates, etc., unless provided by Stayable or expressly approved in writing by Stayable.
  17. Weapons. Firearms and other deadly weapons are not permitted on the property.
  18. Attorneys’ Fees. Attorneys’ Fees. In connection with any litigation or other proceeding arising out of or relating to this Agreement, its interpretation or its enforcement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover from the other party its costs and reasonable, accountant’s and attorney's fees, including reasonable costs of attorney’s travel and reasonable paralegal fees, through and including any trial, appellate or post-judgment proceeding.